Daniel’s first school trip and vegan egg

Daniel went away on his first school camping trip this week. It’s the first time he’s ever spent a night away from us and we were a bit nervous about how he’d manage. It turns out he managed splendidly and it was me who struggled. I missed him so much and am already dreading the kids moving out of home.

They went to Dalguise, in Perthshire, to the place Beatrix Potter went for her summer holidays a child. They had a very full itinerary with a challenge course, a giant swing, a zip wire, wall climbing, orienteering, raft-building, a trapeze, a sensory trail, abseiling and I think that’s it. He had a fab time but I think he’s pleased to be home.

We went out for dinner to Wagamama tonight in celebration of Ben winning an award at the University for best personal tutor. I love Wagamama because they have so many vegan choices. Tonight I tried a new vegan dish called avant gard’n. I took a photo of it:


This is a vegan dish so obviously that’s not a real egg. It’s looks like an egg but it doesn’t taste like an egg. Instead it’s made from coconut and sriracha. It was delicious and complemented the rest of the dish well.

The only downside to the whole meal was they accidentally brought me the chicken version of the starter I ordered and I didn’t realise until I ate some of it and realised something didn’t taste right. It has been nearly 20 years since I’ve eaten chicken so I was not happy about mistakenly eating some. I only realised because it didn’t taste very nice which confirms to me what I already thought about human taste – our tastes change depending on what we eat. I used to like the taste of chicken but after 20 years without I now prefer the flavours of plants. Indeed most of flavours in the food we eat comes from plants – garlic, herbs, onion, spices. The plant version of the dish I ordered contains coriander, mushroom, and aubergine. Without the coriander the chicken version was pretty bland. They were very apologetic about the mistake and brought me the right dish and didn’t charge us for it.

For dessert I had this amazing vegan cake with lovely tart raspberries and a delicious sponge.


I feel very stuffed now. Thank goodness we don’t have a car and got to walk home afterwards.