Where underpants come from

I’ve successfully completed one week out of 52 in my quest to avoid made in China. You might be wondering why I’m doing this. I have several reasons. China is producing many of the world’s goods and doing so with a poor track record on the environment and workers’ rights. Chinese-made products are often poor quality and don’t last very long. Chinese greenhouse gas emissions are high, largely due to all the products China is making for us. We are exporting our carbon emissions to China. Chinese-made products are cheap and it’s tempting to purchase things we don’t need. If I focus my purchases on locally made goods I’m also supporting local jobs and industry.

I’ve created an order of preference for myself: Scottish-made, British-made, EU-made, rest of world, made in China. Electronics will be tricky. I think almost all are made in China but I don’t buy these very often and will search for alternatives when and if the need arises.

The title of my post is stolen from a book recommended to me by a reader (thank you!) in the comments of a previous post. It’s called Where Underpants Come From by Joe Bennett. It’s true that most underpants are made in China but not all! Made in New Zealand are Thunderpants. These are $28 and look very comfy. Out of Manchester are Kinky Knickers.  Do you know any good brands of underpants that are not made in China?