Happy New Year!

The clock has ticked over and it’s now 2019. Happy New Year to you all! I don’t have any new year resolutions other than to try and exercise as much as possible and eat less sugar. How about you?

Yesterday was Elizabeth’s birthday and as we do every year on her birthday, we went to the Pantomime.


This year it was Snow White.


Afterwards we had dinner and cake at home then went to bed before midnight. Very boring, I know. I am not a night owl and I also wanted to be awake reasonably early to make the most of the daylight hours today. We drove to Braemar and went for a very short stroll around the village. Braemar is my favourite village in Aberdeenshire.



I think my sister found it a bit too cold.


I got my first peek inside the newly renovated Fife Arms Hotel. This hotel is right in the centre of the village and up until recently was run-down, tired, and a bit fuddy-duddy.


A few years ago it was bought by the Swiss couple behind Hauser & Wirth – Iwan and Manuela Wirth – and they have completely renovated it. It looks like an art gallery on the inside with artists from all over the world contributing to the finished design. It’s gorgeous but I do worry that the quaint provincial village of Braemar is in danger of becoming exclusive and snobby. The Fife Arms was once a pub where locals could get a pint. There is still a bar inside but do the locals use it, I wonder? On the other hand it’s lovely to see new life injected into an old building. They took a lot of care restoring the outside and the end result is beautiful.





Before heading home we stopped at Mar Lodge for some jumping photos.





10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year, Rachel! I plan to move more, which means more bicycling and walking and less driving. (Fingers crossed I don’t get run over, as people here drive very aggressively.) I also promised myself I’d buy fewer things and focus more on experiences, but there was an online sale on socks and underwear, which I did not get for Christmas…so there went one resolution already.

    1. Socks and underwear are essentials so I don’t think they count towards fewer purchases. I’d like to follow that philosophy this year too and spend less and enjoy the now. I like the slow food movement philosophy – buy basic ingredients, take time to prepare them, and eat well.

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