Sunday at the beach

Elizabeth was invited to a birthday party today at Laser Tag which is by the beach. We don’t go to the beach very often because it’s a bugger to get to by bike but we survived the traffic to make it there in one piece. To be fair, all the motorists were very good and gave us plenty of space when overtaking. It warms the heart when people do that. Hoss (my bike) is lit up like a Christmas tree right now with fairy lights strung all over him.

The colours in the sky were very pretty. I was struck by the juxtaposition of oil tankers next to wind turbines on the horizon in this next photo: old technology next to new technology.


In case you can’t see them here’s a zoomed in version:


In the other direction a pier and light house. You can often see dolphins jumping out of the sea near the pier.






We also saw some tiny birds which I filmed. I don’t know what species they are – does anyone know? They look like chicks but it’s the wrong season so perhaps they’re just very small? They were amusing because they kept running in and out of the sea with the waves.

There’s a Boxing Day charity swim planned by Aberdeen Lions. I’m tempted to join them and go for another winter swim in the North Sea.

15 thoughts on “Sunday at the beach”

    1. Yep, that’s partly why I don’t like it. The esplanade along the beach is always congested and lined with parked cars which makes it ugly. There are also no trees. Not a single one.

  1. I see bikes like yours quite often in Germany when I go there with work – particularly in the centre of Frankfurt – and I think about you every time 🙂

      1. I think they are mostly Velogut – I had a quick read, and there’s a reason for it – there are sizeable subsidies on them from the government 🙂

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