I hurt my finger. Can’t type very well. It was a can of lentil soup. Those things are sharp! Be careful people.


20 responses to “Wounded”

  1. “I’ve done that before,” I thought, as I read about your accident, and then I scrolled down and thought “Not like that I haven’t!!!!” That looks nasty. Hope it heals up OK, with being on a joint and bending it around and all that.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I went to the ER and they had a good look inside the would to make sure I didn’t get the tendon and thankfully I just missed it. They glued the skin back together but I can’t really use that finger/hand too much otherwise it splits slightly and starts bleeding again.

    • I’ve been thinking of you because I seem to remember you having a finger or hand injury last year. Is that right? They offered me stitches or glue and the glue sounded better.

      • Yes, and it happened to me about a month ago again! That’s the risk when you love knives and cut your meat at home ๐Ÿ˜€

        And again, I refused to go to the ER and get stitches, I love my McGyver life!
        I never tried the glue, I didn’t even know it exists! The next time I cut my fingers I’ll take that into consideration: that would be the right time I’ll got to ER! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I think the glue is new. They call is surgical glue and it’s much less invasive than stitches and helps the wound heal quickly. I have no complaints. You just have to keep it dry.

  2. Our eldest did something similar to her little finger the night before last – dropped a razor while shaving her legs, and tried to catch it :/ She ended up in minor injuries at the local hospital too, because it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

  3. Yikes, I’m glad you went to the ER for that cut. Hope it’s feeling better, at least, but do wear rubber gloves or a waterproof band-aid to protect the wound from getting wet.

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