The pleasures of gardening and composting

I never thought I’d be excited about a compost bin but I am. He arrived today and he is a Hotbin. I haven’t given him a name yet but he’ll apparently reach temperatures inside of 60C, even in winter! Some people keep them in their glasshouse as a source of heat over winter. He’ll make compost in 90 days and will eat all our food and garden waste. Every home should have one.

I think I am probably compostable but I’m not ready yet. Hopefully not for another 60 years.


I’m holding a bunch of stinging nettles in this next photo which we’ll be eating later today. Apparently if you see stinging nettles in your garden then it means the soil is good.


I’m also proud and excited to see a baby artichoke forming in my plant.


And my pink poppy has opened. The petals look like crinkled tissue paper.



15 thoughts on “The pleasures of gardening and composting”

  1. We have a garden in our house. But I am not finding enough time to fully make use of it šŸ˜

    For now, I am just mowing the laws and we planted one each of mandarin, fejioa, fig and lime trees. I am amateur gardener and hopefully will try to make use of our garden. But I can say that it is very rewarding to plant and tend the plants.

    I intend to compost but I am yet to learn how/what etc.

    1. It sounds like you’re making great use of it. That’s heaps of fruit trees! Definitely get a compost bin. It’s good to add compost to the base of your trees each year and any other plants you have as it will help to keep them healthy.

    1. We never had poppies in Brisbane. It’s too hot and I don’t think it’s legal to grow them anywhere except in Tasmania where they’re grown for the pharmaceutical industry. So they’re a bit of a novelty for me.

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