My son told me off for being sexist

My 11-year-old son told me off for being sexist this week. We were watching TV and one of the characters threw something poorly and I said, “That’s a girly throw”. I know, I know, I’m ashamed to admit I said that but at the same time I’m proud to say my son told me off and set me straight. I won’t be saying that again.

My kitchen defies the laws of physics. Putting up some busy wallpaper has made it larger. It’s true.  My kitchen is at least one metre wider than it was before.


Last Saturday we drove back to Aberdeen from the West Coast but we took the long road. It’s about two hours to Inverness from Kishorn and then another two hours from Inverness to Aberdeen. However the leg from Inverness to Aberdeen is not very exciting so we decided to go the long way through the Cairngorms which is a large national park with mountains, rivers, and forest. The landscape is not as rugged as it is on the west coast and the mountains in the Cairngorms are much more weathered and rounded however the east has the biggest and best connected forests in Britain and that’s something I love about it. The views out of the car window were lovely.





Just after we left Inverness and before heading south we stopped at Brodie Castle for lunch. Unfortunately the castle was closed for a private function however they’d just opened a new play area which is fantastic. It was quirky and had a slightly “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it. It was great fun. The kids enjoyed it too.





In the end it didn’t matter that the castle was closed because we enjoyed the playground so much and we did get to walk around the outside of the castle.


And the daffodils were in full bloom and gorgeous.



4 thoughts on “My son told me off for being sexist”

  1. It’s brilliant that Daniel understands sexism. When I was a child, I used to think that when I grew up, society would have developed so that sexism no longer existed. Ha!

    1. I bet you also thought women would be getting paid the same as men by now. We all thought that. I’ve been so shocked by the gender pay gap reports that have been coming out this year and last.

    1. You can still poke flirtatious fun at the opposite sex and a sense of humour is definitely important. I think context is important and a mother accusing someone in a derogatory way of making a “girly throw” in front of her 8-year-old daughter is not good, which is what I did.

      I hear what you’re saying though and am wary of becoming too PC. Have you seen Ricky Gervais’s Humanity? I just watched it on Netflix this week and it was refreshingly un-PC. It was very good and I’m slightly envious of his ability to say whatever he wants.

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