Minecraft and pubic hair

I’ve never paid much attention to where my site’s traffic comes from until recently and now I’m intrigued by the amount of search engine traffic I get for an old Minecraft post I published in 2014. Google Webmaster tools shows me all the search terms people use to find my site. The top 30 search terms are all related to Minecraft except for one. Until last week I only had a single post about Minecraft on my blog.


The only non-Minecraft search terms there are “hair pubes pics” at number 29. No, I do not have photos of hair pubes on my blog 🙂 Those search terms are going to this old post of mine from 2013 – Bushy beaver or prepubescent pube?

If you have a WordPress.com site (or any site) then you can set up Google Webmaster tools which will give you information about the traffic your site gets and where it comes from. And then you’ll be able to see what strange creatures humans are.

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