Alien eggs in the backyard

Recently I spotted what had to be an alien’s eggs incubating in our backyard.


So naturally, I decided not to disturb them.

A little while later I went back and they’d “hatched’ but there was nothing to see other than a tiny slug. I’m pretty sure that’s a slug and not alien spawn.


Today I found another one in a different spot but this time something was growing out of it.


I guess they’re some kind of mushroom. Does anyone know? The stem looks rather like styrofoam.


It’s not as exciting as an alien but very unusual to my eyes.

6 responses to “Alien eggs in the backyard”

  1. iNaturalist app thinks its some form of Stinkhorn, but needs to see more photos to be sure.

    1. Ah yes! That’s it! Thank you. It looks just like this:

      It’s Phallus ravenelii according to Wikipedia. It does look like a penis 🙂

      1. It does but I would be very worried if mine was that colour…..

  2. Mushrooms Rachel, not aliens!

  3. You might want to look up:- Stinkhorn Fungus – Phallus impudicus…..(no I’m not joking). It’s their season right now…look quite clean and fresh (if raunchy) at this stage…they dissolve into a black sticky mess as they ripen ….you will be able to smell them from a mile off!!


  4. I should really take some more photos of the crazy mushrooms we get at the end of our garden. Love that you noticed the stuff they grow out of!

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