Power dressing, old friends, Drum Castle, and new toilets

I have a new look. Just call me Bond, James Bond. I even have my own trusty Aston Martin, a.k.a. Busby.


Daniel is very lucky to have a friend from New Zealand visiting him right now. They haven’t seen each other in almost three years and a lot changes in that time when you’re a kid. They spent the afternoon today rampaging around Drum Castle.


















Perhaps even more exciting than James Bond and long-lost friends are the new toilets at Drum Castle which are simply smashing!




8 responses to “Power dressing, old friends, Drum Castle, and new toilets”

  1. Love the outfit, though not sure about Bond wearing red shoes! Love the ‘Aston Martin’. Foldable bikes were all the rage at work just before I retired. Nice castle you’ve got there Bond!

    1. Thank you! Folding bikes are still very popular. I have been tempted to get one myself but I don’t really have the need. I think they’re great if you have to travel by train or bus in addition to a bike ride and you want to take the bike with you.

      1. My ex workmates travelled to work by car (one extreme cyclist bikes the same distance) then got the bike out of the boot at lunchtime to go for a ride. Bromptons I think they were.

  2. That home is so beautiful!!! Just look at those gardens oh my!! xx

    1. Drum Castle is probably my favourite castle in the area. I could live there 🙂

  3. You didn’t show us the most part of the bathroom: the toilets! I was all primed to see some marvelous toilets. How disappointing. 😛

    1. Oh whoops! Not sure how I forgot to take a photo of the toilet bowls. I’ll get some next time.

  4. Great look for you. And as usual, great pictures. You must have a new iPhone.

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