The Trojan Slug

It’s frustrating to watch seeds germinate and then grow only to see them eaten by slugs a week later. In an attempt to outwit the slugs, yesterday I moved two trays of seedlings inside overnight and put them on our dining table. When I woke up this morning I saw telltale signs of slug dining: there were more leaves missing and a silvery trail on the dirt.


I lifted up one of the trays and this is what I saw:


I’m such a moron. I brought the slug inside with the seedlings and he spent the night munching away on our dining table! I’ve been outwitted by an invertebrate.

11 thoughts on “The Trojan Slug”

  1. I get slugs coming in through the air bricks, leaving a tell-tale trail over the carpet! I keep putting slug pellets down around where the air bricks come into the house. It keeps them away for a while.

  2. That looks like one fat, happy slug- I put eggshells on our garden to detract them except, since you don’t eat eggs, then wheat bran is great too…It gets a bit sludgy outside- just easier to get than sawdust, unless you have a carpenter nearby!

  3. A few years ago we planted out 20 or so runner bean plants, nurtured in a greenhouse until about 10 cms high, growing shoots eaten out, every one, by next day. No desire to use pellets. purchased very expensive granules (some form of rock!) no good at all, so for the last few years we have used wood shavings (small animal bedding – quite cheap in bulk). used a thick layer round each plant about 30cm wide. So far has worked even after heavy rain

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