Making friends at school and cycling in the rain

It’s tough when your kids don’t have any friends at school. That has been the case for Daniel until this year. He was put into the wrong year when we first arrived and was the youngest in his class both in age and maturity. The children were all nice to him but they didn’t view him as a peer. We pushed hard last year to have him repeat the year – there was resistance from the school because their philosophy is to teach to the individual rather than move individuals around to suit teachers. While I agree in principle, our concern was not so much with academic progress than with socialisation. Finally we got our way and he’s repeating primary 5 this year and made friends fairly quickly at the start of the school year.

A couple of weeks ago he got his very first birthday invitation for a party today at Laser Tag. We cycled there on Busby in the pouring rain. Here’s where car drivers get to look smug in their nice warm cars. I got absolutely soaked and discovered that my waterproof raincoat isn’t very waterproof.


I was hot when I got there, thanks to the cycle ride, but after an hour of sitting indoors in wet clothing I started shivering and developing hyperthermia.

After laser tag they had a go on the climbing wall. Daniel did pretty well.


When you cycle places it’s easier to stop and enjoy the surroundings which in this case was a marvellous display of daffodils on the banks of the River Dee.


They beach is always nice to look at except for the oil tankers on the horizon.