$5 million up for grabs!

I thought I’d share this. It appeared in my Twitter feed yesterday and even if you have no intention of participating there are some interesting questions there.

How are we to solve the problems of today? Humans are good at solving problems but so far we’ve failed to address the problem of climate change despite knowing about it for decades and decades now; well over a century in fact, if you include the discovery of the greenhouse effect.

Does the solution lie in a new shape for global governance? One thing is clear: the solution requires global cooperation. How can we balance personal self-interest with the interests of people living in other countries who may be more severely affected by our actions than we are ourselves? The impacts of climate change will not be felt equally across the globe. Those living in the poorest nations will be the most badly affected and yet they have contributed the least to the problem. Future generations will also be adversely affected and yet they have no say today.

More at https://globalchallenges.org/en


One response to “$5 million up for grabs!”

  1. You should read Antifragile by Taleb to get an idea of a better shape. Nature follows Antifragile or perhaps dictates Antifragile behaviors.

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