My new obsession: blankets

Blankets: they need a higher profile. The world needs more blankets. Lately I have become a bit obsessed with blankets. I love my tartan skirt so much – and it’s basically a big woolly blanket – that I decided to get myself another. Here’s the new one:


A close-up of the fabric since my photo isn’t very good.


I was cycling on Busby in my new blanket skirt and man called out to me, “Mary Poppins!” Do I look like Mary Poppins? Maybe the modern Mary Poppins has a cargo bike instead of an umbrella. It just so happens that Mary Poppins has a wondrous blanket bag and I have always wanted one just the same.


Another good use for blankets is curtains. I recently bought a couple of recycled blankets from one of the National Trust castle shops. They’re made from recycled end cuts of yarn. I put them up in front of the dormer window in our bedroom and I love them.


Blankets also make good picnic rugs, throws for the sofa, slippers, fire extinguishers, comfort for children, and hmm, what else?