My new obsession: blankets

Blankets: they need a higher profile. The world needs more blankets. Lately I have become a bit obsessed with blankets. I love my tartan skirt so much – and it’s basically a big woolly blanket – that I decided to get myself another. Here’s the new one:


A close-up of the fabric since my photo isn’t very good.


I was cycling on Busby in my new blanket skirt and man called out to me, “Mary Poppins!” Do I look like Mary Poppins? Maybe the modern Mary Poppins has a cargo bike instead of an umbrella. It just so happens that Mary Poppins has a wondrous blanket bag and I have always wanted one just the same.


Another good use for blankets is curtains. I recently bought a couple of recycled blankets from one of the National Trust castle shops. They’re made from recycled end cuts of yarn. I put them up in front of the dormer window in our bedroom and I love them.


Blankets also make good picnic rugs, throws for the sofa, slippers, fire extinguishers, comfort for children, and hmm, what else?


14 responses to “My new obsession: blankets”

  1. A shop opposite me sells patchwork quilts which are beautiful but ridiculously expensive, and they are not branded which means I can’t hunt them down second hand on eBay.
    I’d go with one of those recycled end cut blankets instead though. Looks cosy, and also lovely warm colours,

  2. I’m a big fan of blankets too! It started when I learnt to crochet; blankets were and still are my favourite things to make. Although now I’m not sure where the line between fan ends and addict begins. Mary Poppins on a cargo bike — now that’s something I’d like to see!

    • I need a Mary Poppins hat 🙂

      I’ve never made a crochet blanket. It takes too long and I’m impatient! I like garments that can be completed and used right away. But crochet is wonderful for blankets. My Granny used to have lots of granny blankets around the house and I remember them all so well.

  3. Please excuse me geekign out about blankets.
    Good ones are hard to find nowadays, for various reasons. Partly expense, and also there was a period when modern melting fabrics were used a lot, and you don’t want to put them on a fire.
    Charity shops are certainly a good place to look. Oddly though most of mine haven’t come from them. A few have been inherited; one that was on on my bed for years came from Drafan’s in Dundee, a department store in the 1960’s. Two others, made of thick scratchy wool, came from the binned medical bed before they demolished part of the factory next to where I worked. Another is a WW2 army blanket. I can’t quite imagine how you could survive in winter with just two of them, even if you wear all your clothes under them.

    I wouldn’t actually wear blankets anyway. Some cheap re-enactors do, then complain about how hot and scratchy medieval clothin is, because they are wearing blankets instead of actual fabric, and blankets are thick and warm.
    In fact your skirt looks a bit too well woven to be considered a blanket. Just a nice heavyweight tweedy sort of fabric, ideal for winter.

    • I don’t mind that scratchy feeling that wool has and would love a blanket dress but have never seen any. You’re right – my skirt is not a thick wool and more like tweed.

      We have several old blankets – I’m not sure how many. They’re all from NZ and old now. I have them all over the house – there are a couple on the sofa for when we’re watching tv. I also have a couple I got from charity shops.

  4. Rachel you are beautiful and slim like Mary Poppins by the way have a fantastic Christmas with the family i have a brother who is looking forward to it ☺

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