Plant a tree in our grove

It’s our 10th wedding anniversary on the 26th November 2016 and we have started a grove of trees in the Scottish highlands as a way to celebrate. If you’d like to plant a tree in our grove then please feel free to do so. One tree costs £5 and all you need to do is visit our grove on the web and click the “Add trees to this grove” button at the bottom.

9 responses to “Plant a tree in our grove”

  1. I think this is brilliant. I always used to think if I came into loads of money I would like to buy and maintain a chunk of woodland. As that is never going to happen, now I can make my contribution, sustainably.

    • Me too! I would love to do that. This is what Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, used to do in Australia. He bought up lots of land in the outback as a way to ensure it is protected as a habitat for wildlife.

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