Aberdeenshire in the autumn


These photos were taken in the woodland on the estate at Crathes Castle. We went to the Exclusively Highlands craft fair there today – I prefer buying locally made items as Christmas gifts rather than mass-produced stuff from China. It’s nice to know I’m supporting the local economy and at the same time lessening my impact on the environment since most of the things at these craft fairs are made with locally-sourced materials and by individuals in their homes. They’re also made with true craftsmanship and not something out of a giant factory on the other side of the planet. At the Exclusively Highlands fair everything is handmade in Scotland.

The woodlands around the castle are beautiful. This is probably one of my favourite landscapes – forests and lochs. I like hills too.


I was very taken with the moss on this tree.



There are supposed to be otters here but we’ve never seen any.






This tree is enormous.




And yes, in case anyone is wondering, I know there has been another severe earthquake in New Zealand. I still get Geonet notifications delivered to my phone for all New Zealand earthquakes above 4.0 and I’ve had more than 50 text messages today. I’ve been closely following the events and my thoughts are with everyone affected. The worst damage is the psychological impact – the fear of what might come next and when. Don’t underestimate that.