The DanTDM Show!

The DanTDM Show!

At the DanTDM show on Tuesday Dan Middleton asked us all to keep details of his show secret. This is why I haven’t blogged about it. But I can share a few photos and details without giving anything away like the enormous queue outside Town Hall just before it started.


I love living in Britain. The British have perfected the queue. You won’t find a more polite and considerate bunch of people than British people in a queue. Although it’s fair to say that Australians and New Zealanders are pretty similar when it comes to queues.

Here’s the inside, before the show started.


A pic of the kids during the show. Daniel is jumping up and down with blurry excitement on the very right.


Daniel and Elizabeth both loved every minute of it. I found it mildly entertaining and that’s not counting the pleasure you get as a parent when your children are having a wonderful time. Daniel Middleton seems like such a nice fellow. He has every kid’s dream job – playing computer games all day and making a fortune out it. I was curious to see how he’d turn this into a live show and he did a good job of it with lots of audience participation and also some educational elements.

I’m glad we made the trip. We enjoyed it.


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