The condom poncho

I got myself a poncho for cycling in the rain to keep my knees dry. Otto London make some really nice ones and I got the clear Festival Poncho which is only £24. I was thinking I looked pretty cool until Ben asked me why I was wearing a condom.


I gave my iPhone to the kids when we cycled into town today so they could take some photos of the cars and buses and what’s it’s like from their perspective. Only they took more selfies than photos of traffic.




They next one is a bus we had to overtake because there’s no cycle path and the bus was just sitting there, not going anywhere.


And here’s a bus overtaking us.


Aberdeen City Council: those photos are for you! It’s appalling that small children, the elderly, and other vulnerable people in the population don’t have a safe way to cycle into town. I’ve heard that Union St is one of the widest central city street in all of Europe – is that true? Even if it isn’t, there are four lanes on Union St dedicated to cars and buses and not an inch for bicycles.

Cargo bikes are very useful things. Watering cans in Marks & Spencer were on sale; galvanised and reduced from £20 to £2. I bought four to donate to the school because they told me they don’t have any. There was just enough room in the bike for children.