Tall things

I took this photo in Aberdeen this evening. Check out the ladder! Is someone really going to climb all the way up there? It’s also not just one ladder but several all tied together. What are they thinking??!!


One of my sunflowers is so huge now. It just keeps growing taller and taller and there’s still no flower. Am I ever going to see a flower or is it just going to keep growing up and up and up?



9 responses to “Tall things”

  1. Obviously not NZ. The latest OHS rules are for the Real Estate Agents when having open homes. They now have to have signs up pointing out any potential risks to viewers. I went to one last weekend. Couldn’t go in to the garage (motorbike up on a stand, could topple) signs to point out cables all over the floor for TV, music system, computers etc. You are more likely to trip over the little sandwich boards pointing out the hazards!!

    1. That’s just crazy! I was surprised to see something like that here to be honest. They’re pretty over-the-top with health and safety here as well.

  2. My husband and boys would actually pay for the opportunity to climb that ladder.

    1. Really?? You couldn’t pay me to go up there 🙂

  3. The climbers must have faith in the Lord. 🙂 I think the sunflower is looking for enough sun to open its flower.

    1. I think the sunflower is looking for enough sun to open its flower.

      That may never happen 🙂

  4. Oh good grief, those ladders! Who the heck is going to climb them. Wouldn’t get me even near them let alone up ’em.
    The sunflowers… well, they’ll flower when they think the birds that want to eat their seeds, aren’t looking! 😉

    1. There are a lot of birds around but I like the birds. Oh well, I will keep you all posted.

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