Back in civilisation

We’re back in Aberdeen after a lovely break in the Cairngorms. The wifi at the place we stayed was so bad that I didn’t write very much on my blog while we were there. I couldn’t even load the site on my laptop. However I was able to publish photos using the app on my phone. I’m too impatient for one-fingered typing so it was photos only but it’s such a beautiful place that sometimes words aren’t necessary.

The first thing I did when we got back was cycle in the pouring rain to Newton Dee. It’s not more than 15°C today and I was in one of my sleeveless Nuu-Muu dresses and a pair of gum boots – I must have looked a sight – and completely drenched when I got back but I loved every second of it. I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time and I wasn’t cold at all. I love this climate.

Here are some photos from the last two days. I love old bridges and this one is one of my favourites. It’s Victoria Bridge and it crosses the River Dee over to Mar Lodge.


Pulling faces at the Linn 0f Quoich.



Braemar Castle.


Ben tried on a tweed jacket at a shop in Braemar. When you become a professor you’re supposed to wear tweed. It was £250 so we didn’t buy it. In any case a professor’s tweed jacket should look a bit scruffy and worn with patches on the elbows. This one looks too nice.


Ben’s mother and her partner are visiting us and we took them to Tomnaverie Stone Circle. Humans placed these large rocks here more than 4000 years ago. I find that fascinating. No-one really knows what purpose they served but one theory is that they were used by farmers to track the seasons.






4 responses to “Back in civilisation”

  1. Lovely area. Usually loads of good tweed jackets in the charity shops!

    1. That was my thought exactly!

  2. you’re so lucky to have stuff like that on your doorstep

    1. I know. It is so beautiful and all of it is so close to us. We’re very lucky. It’s what sold me on Aberdeen when we first visited it a few years ago.

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