2 Replies to “More photos of Scotland”

  1. Seeing the beautiful countryside and the soft light reminds me that Australia has disadvantages as well as advantages with its sun, sand and surf, which Scotland avoids.Skin damage and constant harsh light has its drawbacks down under.
    Secondly it gives me an impetus to trace my Scottish ancestors on ancestry.com or some such.

    1. I really appreciate the gentle lighting here. I think there are definitely genetic differences to how we tolerate light and my fair skin and my eyes do not like harsh light. In all my childhood photos I’m squinting at the camera and I can remember finding it very unpleasant. And then there’s the heat which I do not like at all. All my ancestors come from this part of the world and there’s something very celtic about my genetic makeup. It’s the same for you.

      We stayed at Mar Lodge which was built by Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife. I believe he is descended from the Mcduffs so perhaps you are related?

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