Bird song no more

We’re in the paper this morning.


I’m still miserable about this. We used to hear bird song from our bedroom but that is no more. All we can hear now is the heavy machinery on the street. I spoke to one of my neighbour’s this morning who said she cried all day yesterday too. She similarly cried two years ago when they removed the trees from across the road. She said the council also tried to remove a tree from her own backyard for no good reason but they were able to fight against that because it was on their property.

As always I find comfort in writing and I wrote in chalk on the road this morning. Healthy trees felled by ACC.

I approach my whole life in such a way as to reduce my environmental impact. I don’t own a car, I don’t eat meat or dairy products, I only fly when there’s no alternative and most of our holidays are local, I also cycle and walk everywhere. The City Council tell me they can’t afford to make it safe for me and my children to cycle around the city. Instead we have to dodge cars, trucks, and buses. And yet they have the money to remove healthy, mature trees and replace the entire footpath at great expense. Sometimes I wonder why I bother?