Bathtubs for the garden

I took this photo outside the front entrance to the 25Hours hotel in Vienna. I love that they’ve got old galvanised bathtubs filled with plants! They’ve also done a good job with the plants where the mix of colours, textures, and heights is pleasing to look at.


Most hotel entrances are sterile places devoid of plant life. You don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive pots. An old bath tub can look just as good if not better.

Before going away I was worried about my garden here in Aberdeen, particularly the plants in the greenhouse. I moved some of the plants outside so they’d get rain and the remainder I hooked up to a drip-feeding bag. Only it didn’t work properly and most of the water was still in the bag when I got back. The strange thing is the plants seemed to look better after my absence. I think I was over-watering them.

Does anyone know what this plant is?


There are a few in my garden and when they first appeared in spring I thought they were weeds. However I left them just in case and now they have developed these enormous pink buds. I can’t wait to see what the flowers look like.