Haus Der Musik

Beautiful things make me happy. How about you? By beautiful things I mean art, music, trees, flowers, sculptures, architecture – that kind of thing. Vienna is flush with all these things and I feel inspired after our trip there.

Even the public gardens were artistic in their own way. Gardens in Aberdeen tend to be neatly laid out with mass plantings of the same flower evenly spaced apart. They’re too neat and orderly. In Vienna the gardens looked wild with a mix of species all crammed in together. They were not messy or neat; they were beautiful.

It’s not just the gardens and art galleries that are creative; Vienna has also produced some famous musicians like Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven. What is it about a city that so much creativity can be concentrated in one place? Yesterday we visited the Haus Der Musik, a museum of music with lots of touch and feel exhibits. Music from Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Haydn and others plays throughout the museum. It was wonderful.

Our favourite exhibit was one where you get to conduct an orchestra. The orchestra is a recording which plays on a large screen while you wave a baton to control the tempo. Wave the baton quickly and the music gets faster; wave it slowly and the music slows down. Daniel went a bit crazy, going from fast to slow with every second hand-wave and the effect of this was to upset the orchestra who got fed up and basically told him he was crap at conducting. It was all pre-recorded and rather funny but Daniel got upset. He had another go but the second time was anxious about upsetting them again and getting it wrong. Fortunately he did it perfectly and they were happy. He conducted The Blue Danube. The music gives me goose bumps.


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