Should I chain myself to a tree?

A little part of me grieves whenever someone chops down a tree and this very nearly happened today. This morning some workmen appeared on our street to chop down several beautiful old beech trees. We did not receive any warning of this other than a street sign which appeared about a week ago to say there’d be roadworks going on this week. But there was no mention of removing trees. I was considering chaining myself to one of the trees until thankfully, the arborists had to leave because there are birds nesting in them.  The trees have a temporary reprieve but I’m told they’ll be removed once the birds have finished nesting. Where will the birds nest next year?

Trees are wonderful things. A tree-lined street adds value to properties on the street, they suck carbon dioxide out of the air and big, old trees are better at doing this than young ones (see here and here), they provide habitat for wildlife, they reduce air pollution, they make us feel good, and they’re attractive to look at.

Apparently our trees are going because their roots have made the pavements bumpy. This seems like a frivolous reason given all the benefits. Ben thinks it’s because the council is worried someone will sue them if they trip over on the pavement.

Here’s the pavement:


Here are the trees:


Bumpy pavement or trees? It’s a no-brainer to me.