Poppies and swear words

The blue poppy in my garden is a Meconopsis Sheldonii aka Himalayan Blue Poppy. Two of the flowers have opened up today and they’re absolutely stunning.


Apparently this is a very sought-after plant and tricky to grow but it thrives here in the north-east of Scotland. It likes cool and damp summers just like me 🙂

Daniel has taken it upon himself to police swear words in our household. I confess that I swear quite a bit and now Daniel has started telling me off. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’m swearing until Daniel points it out. This morning he asked Ben whether “bloody hell” is a swear word. Ben said it is a bit. Then Daniel asked, “Is it worse than the word mummy says on the bike that starts with ‘sh’?”

The other day he asked Ben whether it was bad to say swear words in your head. Ben said no, then Daniel asked whether Santa knows what you’re thinking. The poor boy was worried he might not get any presents. The weird thing is that he never says any swear words. I’m the one who says them 🙂