Mar Lodge, part 2

Two posts in one day because we’ve just come back from a fantastic walk in the hills and I like to relive the experience by writing about it and looking at all my photos. It’s a glorious day here today and so we decided to make the most of it and go for a medium length walk into the hills above Mar Lodge. We did almost 9.5km – according to my Fitbit – and although our kids are pretty good walkers they haven’t done much hiking. The worst bit was at the top on a flat stretch which was very muddy and difficult to navigate. Both of them were in tears at this point and carrying on as though the world was about to end. Fortunately this bit didn’t last very long and very soon we were on the downward stretch and their good spirits returned. We also saw a red squirrel! There were patches of snow here and there which made for some snow ball fights but the best part, for me anyway, were the views.





Elizabeth eating snow:




Frog spawn:




I lost my footing in this next one and nearly rolled down the hill.



I love this photo of Daniel with his toy, Nessie.







7 Replies to “Mar Lodge, part 2”

  1. I’m so amazed they walked 10km!! I can’t believe your kids did that. I would be in tears too!

    1. It’s really not that far. We were only walking for a few hours and we stopped to have a rest and eat a snack during that time. It also wasn’t steep. The bad bit was just because it was so muddy and we were having to walk around the path and over the heather which made it slow going.

  2. You guys must be the fittest family in the UK! I can so feel the children’s pain especially at the muddy point. You are amazing to have walked such a distance.

    Lovely photos of you all and of the beautiful scenery. It looks as though Nessie might have replaced the minecraft creature. 🙂

    1. Creeper is definitely still the top toy but he’s reluctant to take Creeper out in case he loses him.

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