Old people don’t care about climate change

I saw this video last night on Grist – Old people don’t care about climate change – and it was funny yet there’s some truth to it. Unfortunately I can’t post it to my blog so you’ll have to click through to Grist and watch it there instead.

I really like Grist.org. They have an interesting assortment of environmental articles which often don’t make it into mainstream media. Like this one about an idea to send 16 trillion robots into space to form a gigantic sun umbrella to block out 2 – 4% of the sunlight coming to Earth as a way to combat climate change.

Or the drought in India where 330 million people are affected by water shortages; apparently even doctors don’t have enough water to wash their hands with. And in case you haven’t heard they’re also in the middle of a heat wave. A heat wave is bad enough when water is abundant. Where will all those people go when it becomes too hot to live there? Greenland? Antarctica?

There’s a great post on Victor’s blog about a new Climate Feedback website where climate scientists sift through media coverage of climate change and provide feedback on their accuracy. It seems a strange thing to have to do but is necessary because 1 in 2 Americans don’t believe that global warming is mostly caused by humans.

I’ve also had a request to share the front page of the Indian Express April 25th on my blog since mainstream media has not been providing adequate coverage and so here it is:




7 responses to “Old people don’t care about climate change”

  1. Grist looks like an interesting site.

    Various people in our (Australia’s) ignorant government are still arguing that the science of climate change isn’t settled – no doubt to keep their coal mining donors happy. The Attorney-General no less came out with this gobsmacking statement.

    I really hate to think of all the awful consequences of accelerated climate change. 😦

    • I didn’t know about the comments from the attorney-general so I looked them up. Report here if anyone is interested. The effect of that comment is that he now looks very foolish and he has also brought into question whether his party will act on evidence-based decision making because it looks like they will not which is not a good look for any government.

  2. Grazi for putting that front page up. I don’t know how common such things have become in India, but this stands as an example for me to point Western journalists to when my near-incessant criticism causes them to ask for an example of what they should be doing.

    As a Brisbaner, you may want to add a post on the new finding that the GBR, already badly hammered this year, is pretty much done for in the near future due to the increasingly frequent and severe marine heat waves that are now unavoidable. Interestingly, the scientists involved published their results as a plain-language article as soon as it was done, i.e. nearly in real time and without peer review (although that will happen eventually). It will be interesting to see how Australian voters respond to it.

  3. 27C in Christchurch yesterday, very QLD-like for this time of year. QLD itself just broke a bunch of heat records.

  4. This video and text shows clearly how the U.S.A. do really have a problem not only with its older generation but with its education and with its social engagement.

    Sorry to see so many people born before World War II not bothering about climate change saying they do not have to worry about it because they would be dead. May I assure you that there are those who are born in War-time and just after World War II who are not so selfish and sincerely do care about climate change.

    May I assure you that we the boomchildren also as flower power people and hippies showed already long ago the need to take care of our planet. Many of us (hippies) have not lost their soul to the capitalist world and still are active on several fronts to work at having a better planet.

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