Merry Christmas

Today was our first Christmas in our new house in Aberdeen. It was just the four of us and the first Christmas where it has been just us for quite a long time. Ben and I spent a while trying to remember what we’d done for Christmas over the last five years and it was not that easy. Thankfully I have a record of my life on my blog since 2011 and so it was so fantastic to be able to go back each year to see what we did. This is one of the terrific things about blogging.

Christmas 2015 has been wonderful. The kids woke up full of excitement at about 6:30am. Daniel, who will be 9 next month, still believes in Santa. I don’t know how this is possible except that the autism has meant his social development is behind that of other children his age and so he doesn’t have any close friends and it’s typically our peers who break the sad truth about Santa. I can’t imagine he’ll still believe in Santa next Christmas but who knows. We made the most of it anyway and Santa and his reindeer were given some carrots, a mince pie, some lebkuchen, and at Ben’s insistence, some whisky. My recipe for lebkuchen is here if anyone is interested; I make it every year. This  year I tried making it without eggs and used flaxseed instead. It worked out fine.

For lunch I made a nut roast, loosely based on Jamie Oliver’s recipe only I use pearl barley and oats. This year was the most delicious version I’ve ever made. It was soooo good. The kids hate nut roast so as a treat I got them chicken breast wrapped in bacon. George Monbiot thinks eating meat just on special occasions like Christmas is the way to go and I don’t think that’s a bad idea. Although personally I’d rather my nut roast which is divine.

Elizabeth set the table for us. She’s obsessed with snow globes and owns two now, both of which are presents from Granny. They joined us for Christmas lunch as you can see in the next photo:





Elizabeth got some Minecraft toys for Christmas which is what she wanted. Her Gran gave her the Minecraft pig in the next pic which she has aptly named, “Bacon”. We got her an Enderman (hand-made by a lady in Norwich and bought on the Etsy store) which she has called End.


Busby got a present from Ben (a super-dooper rear light):


Santa got Daniel this very cool hat:


And I can’t resist showing everyone my outfit which was bought from the opshop (charity store). The skirt is Karen Millen and still had tags on it.


This afternoon I very reluctantly went for a run but I’m very glad of it now although I really had to force myself to do it. Now I feel great and it’s time to get a hot drink and sit down in front of Star Wars with the family.

Merry Christmas everyone!