Letters to Santa

Daniel and Elizabeth wrote letters to Santa this morning with some requests. It was all Daniel’s idea which is quite amazing given how much he dislikes writing. Here they are:


Dear Santa, I want for Christmas can I have an Enderman and a big Creeper and a Minecraft pig and a skipping rope and the movie Frozen and the Coraline game. Love, Elizabeth


Dear Santa, can I please have Minecraft toys for Christmas please. Love, Daniel and Merry Christmas. I love you, Santa.

Daniel chastised Elizabeth for not saying please in her letter 🙂

Daniel is 8 and Elizabeth is 5 (nearly 6).

6 Replies to “Letters to Santa”

  1. That’s adorable Rach!! Elizabeth has a lot of requests. I like how Daniel went for pathos with ‘I love you santa’

  2. I love how recognisable Elizabeth’s writing is from the last time you posted, but a bit better spelt this time! How quickly they develop. Daniel has drawn the most adorable faces on his letter. They all look so happy.

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