The temptation of bacon, homelessness, and spelling

Elizabeth’s vegetarianism on the weekend involved having just a little bit of bacon to go with her sausage and egg at the buffet breakfast. I think she’s finding bacon too tempting to resist. I didn’t say anything because I want it to be her decision. I personally find bacon and sausage a bit repulsive now that I haven’t eaten either of them for more than a decade. I suppose I also associate both things with pigs: animals that have at least the same level of sentience and self-consciousness as a dog and I would never eat a dog.

Meanwhile Daniel came face-to-face with his first homeless person in Edinburgh. We caught the train there on Friday night and walked the 10-15 minutes or so to the hotel passing a couple of homeless people on the way. There are homeless people in Aberdeen too but for some reason this is the first time he really noticed them. Maybe because it was cold and dark and he was tired after a long day followed by the train journey and he was subsequently able to understand the harshness of a life without a home. Then he chastised us for not giving the man any money. We were weighted down with luggage and just wanted to reach the hotel but Daniel was quite cross. So the next day he gave some money to the next homeless person we saw.

Daniel has always really struggled with spelling. He never learnt phonics and has difficulty sounding out words. We’ve tried lots of things like word searches and interesting spelling activities but whenever I quiz him it seems to end in tears. A couple of weeks ago I got desperate and spent a couple of pounds on a spelling app. This one lets me record my voice saying the word which Daniel can then play later. But what makes it good is I can choose to have the word flash up on the screen when Daniel presses play. It only flashes on the screen for 2 seconds but for some reason this has made a huge difference to Daniel’s interest in spelling and the results have been good. He has gone from getting 0/10 in the weekly spelling test at school to last week getting 10/10. I love technology.