Rain tent for a cargo bike and homeopathy

For a little while now I’ve been lusting after a new bicycle. I currently have my heart set on a Triobike. The main reason I want a new bike is because the kids are getting too tall to fit under the rain tent in Busby. However Bakfiets, makers of Busby, recently released a taller version of their tent and so rather than buying a new bike, I bought a new rain tent instead. Here it is:


There’s quite a bit of head room in there now although I think the kids are still too tall to sit on the seat. They currently sit on cushions on the floor of the bike. The new rain tent is great though because it has zips on both sides which act as windows. These won’t get much use over the winter but in summer they’ll be very useful. There are times when it’s too hot with the tent on but too cold with it off completely. The zips should make it just right.

I still might get a new bike at some stage but not in the near future. The Triobike is 10kg lighter and that appeals to me. However there are benefits to keeping Busby and these are:

  1. Busby might get upset if I replace him.
  2. I don’t think anyone will steal him because he’s old and rusty whereas a new bike might be more attractive to thieves.
  3. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on him getting puncture-proof tyres and other things.

Yesterday I discovered that the NHS pays for homeopathic prescriptions. I do not think this is a good way to spend NHS money especially given it is under strain. Please note that I am being very restrained here. The revelation that the NHS pays for homeopathic prescriptions got me rather worked up. What were they thinking! People are still free to seek homeopathic treatments if they want but not at tax-payer expense.

A co-worker shared this funny YouTube clip about a homeopathic A&E. The patient dies, but they did their best 🙂

7 Replies to “Rain tent for a cargo bike and homeopathy”

  1. couldn’t agree more; there was a discussion about this on Saturday on the Today programme as I walked Dog (my homoeopathic mind medicine) between two doctors, though what one a doctor of I can’t be sure because he was the advocate of the homoeopathic malarkey. His argument eventually boiled down to – well it makes people better because patient surveys say it does. Placebos. Maybe I can get my Sky TV subscription on the NHS since the sport make me feel better…. You should see if a Busby upgrade is available.

  2. My cat makes me feel better but I can’t claim him as a tax deduction or on the NHS!

    I wonder if homeopathic ‘medicine’ is on the NHS because the now deceased Queen Mother believed in it.

    Glad you’ve found a new roof for Busby. I agree that it’s less stressful owning rust bucket bikes and cars. Not such a worry that they’ll be stolen. 🙂

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