Spam posts and my kids don’t need me anymore

About an hour ago someone managed to publish a post to my blog. This was not me. It was a spammer using the post by email feature which was enabled for my blog. I have since disabled this and deleted the post. If you received email notification of a new post to my blog with the title “new message” then please delete it. Sorry for the trouble!

I’m not needed as a parent anymore and it’s glorious. On my recent trip to Utah the kids were fine in my absence. Some parents might find this distressing but not me. It meant that I could relax and enjoy myself. At one point while I was away Daniel asked Ben when I was coming back. Ben thought Daniel might be missing me but it turned out that he just wanted me to install a Minecraft skin on the Mac. The children were fed and watered while I was away, and Ben even managed to teach Elizabeth to ride a bicycle.

After 8 years of feeling like my life was not really mine, things are suddenly getting easier. Nothing can prepare you for having children. Very suddenly you have this tiny life solely dependent on you and gone is the freedom to do whatever you want. Even finding time to go to the toilet in those early years was hard. The sleep deprivation is particularly challenging. There were times when I thought I’d never get to sleep through the night again because there was always a baby to feed and I never did the cry-it-out thing.

Now both kids sleep through the night every night and they can generally amuse themselves throughout the day. It’s as though things have become just as suddenly easy as they became hard.

I really enjoyed myself at the Grand Meetup and this was possible because I knew the kids were fine without me. Indeed I felt like a 20-something-year-old again. The party on the last night was a bit like a night club with The Jane Doze (dance DJs from New York – I’d never heard of them before) performing and special lighting. I’m too old for night clubs but nevertheless I was up there on the dance floor pretending to be much younger than I really am and having a terrific time.

I feel like this is the beginning of a new era in my life and I like how it looks from here 🙂