22 thoughts on “Mountain views

  1. You underestimate yourself. I have always enjoyed your photos. Your compositions are remarkable sometimes and you get excellent technical results with your iPhone. It looks beautiful there. Warm, and from my perspective, great rolling terrain for cycling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think your photos are lovely. Landscapes are more difficult than they look, I think. When you are there, you think, how amazing, and then when you take the snap, it seems to come out much diminished.

    1. Yes, that happens to me all the time. The view looks amazing but the photograph doesn’t do it justice. Still, it’s nice to have the photographic memory of it anyway.

  3. Sun rays photos are awesome! I too don’t understand why people apply filters to their photos. The best pics are unfiltered and unprocessed, I would like to believe.

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