We’re famous

There are a couple of photos of us in today’s EveningExpress taken at the Wee Jaunt yesterday. Not such a great one of me because it looks like I’m flashing but fortunately you can’t see anything.


Ben showed his photo to a PhD student at work hoping to impress him but his response was, “It would look more impressive if they took off the training wheel”.



14 Replies to “We’re famous”

  1. Congratulations!! You guys must feel so…famous! Had a chuckle about Ben and the trainer wheel. 🙂 Great photo of you and the kids.

    You’ll have to start a line of merchandise to capitalise on your fame! 🙂

    1. I can fit inside there. It’s very spacious. Although it wouldn’t fit two adults side-by-side like that.

      1. Maybe I should have asked, “How much longer are your kids gonna want to keep fitting inside?” lol We hope our kids will never grow up, but they do.

      2. Ah, ok. The problem is they get heavier each month and it’s getting harder and harder for me to cycle.

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