Wee Jaunt Aberdeen

Buying a house seems to have sapped all the fun out of lives so we decided to do something to rectify the situation. This morning we participated in the Wee Jaunt Aberdeen, a Pedal for Scotland initiative to encourage cycling and raise money for a children’s charity.

They closed off several roads in a 6 mile route around Aberdeen for 3 hours so we got to pedal on traffic-free roads and it was bliss. The route took us past Torry Battery, which we visited a month or so ago, and further along the coast. There were some lovely views but it was very hilly! Had I known there would be so many hills I may have chickened out. It was hard work on Busby with both kids inside. I knew I was exhausted by the end of it when, as we were cycling on an almost flat road I found myself trying to change into a lower gear only to discover I was already in the lowest gear.




It started and finished in Duthie Park where they had lots of different bicycles to try and a climbing frame. I got to ride a penny farthing which was fun and not as difficult as I had imagined. Ben had a go too and we got this little video of us riding it:

We’ve got other fun things planned for this month. My sister is coming next weekend and the weekend after that we’re going to Edinburgh. Woo!

13 thoughts on “Wee Jaunt Aberdeen”

  1. Well if I can recommend two things for your Edinburgh trip, one is the Baked potato Shop – the potatoes are huge and beautifully cooked and a take away on the Royal Mile is a must; the other is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant David Bann (I’ll refrain from mentioning Oink the Hog Roast shop! Oops, I did. Sorry.) I’m sure you’ll all love it

  2. I love the way you notice the important things like making sure you have enough fun in your lives.
    You also make me want to visit Scotland when you put these pictures up.

      1. Oh you are so sweet!!! You know you have completely turned around my opinion of Aberdeen with your pictures. I may well take you up on that one day!

      2. I think Aberdeen gets a bad rap. It’s actually a beautiful city. It doesn’t have as many touristy things to do as Edinburgh and Glasgow and it’s a bit lacking in the arts but there’s lovely countryside right next door. The people are all very friendly too and the beaches are nice.

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