Bad neighbours

In light of our recent insurance woes I have been thinking about bad neighbours. We have lived in quite a few different houses now and most of our neighbours have been really great. Our last neighbour for instance, was just terrific. I wish he could have moved with us. But the worst neighbours we ever had were next door to our first home in Christchurch, New Zealand where we inadvertently bought next to the Mongrel Mob.

There were around 10 children living at the Mongrel Mob house and they used to throw rubbish over the fence into our yard. They also had a pit bull/Staffordshire bull terrier which they kept chained up in the back yard and on one occasion I saw them kick it. Not long after we moved in their dog broke through the fence and attacked our dogs. I had just arrived home from work and was heavily pregnant (7 months) with Daniel. The pit bull took Freud in his mouth and started to shake him like a puppet. I was on the ground holding both of them, trying to stop it by poking my fingers in the pit bull’s eyes. I’m not sure why I did this. Perhaps being Australian I had learnt as a child that you can poke the eyes of a crocodile or a shark as a defensive measure. In any case it didn’t really do very much and it wasn’t until the ex-fireman down the road, who heard my screams, hit the dog over the head with a rock numerous times that it eventually let go of Freud.

The fireman sat on the dog and held him still until animal control arrived. To cut a very long story short, the police got involved because the ex-fireman’s girlfriend was punched in the face by the teenage daughter from the Mongrel Mob house (I was in hospital at this stage). They never apologised or even offered to fix the fence. Their dog was put down and they never went to visit it a single time before the end. Freud was ok and went on to live for many years after that. The skin had come off my legs and feet as I had been dragged along the bricks but other than that I was fine too. Although I became very wary of this breed of dog.

What’s your bad neighbour horror story?