A new home

It has been a hectic and stressful week this week. Settlement for the house we bought was on Friday and we moved in yesterday. But the most stressful part was when my father took a turn for the worse on Thursday night. He had an emergency heart bypass last Tuesday and seemed to be recovering well. However he suddenly deteriorated on Thursday and they had to operate again. They accidentally punctured one of his lungs during the first operation. This is apparently one of the risks of having a heart bypass but it’s not usually serious and the lung eventually returns to normal. However he was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe and eventually went into cardiac arrest. They had to give him adrenaline and CPR and in the process fractured one of his ribs which caused a laceration to his heart. This led to internal bleeding and the need to operate again to stop the bleeding.

My aunt was at the hospital at the time – it was the middle of the night in Brisbane – and relaying information to me over the phone. I could hear the fear in her voice. This is one those times when it’s hard living so far away from family. We were all extremely worried for a few hours there. By the time the surgeon arrived Dad was stable again but still critical. My aunt let me listen to what the surgeon was saying over Viber and after that I think we all felt a little bit reassured. Thank goodness for technology. The second operation went well and now Dad is back to complaining about the nurses which is a very good sign 🙂

The house move was fairly non-stressful as far as moving house goes. We didn’t move very far and because we were moving from a rental property into our own home, there’s no rush to get everything out in one day. Our lease doesn’t expire for another 10 days so there’s plenty of time to clean up.

We’ve bought what is known locally as a double-upper. It’s a Victorian house built over three levels. The bottom floor is a one-bedroom flat and the top two floors form a large family home. The top and bottom each have their own front door. There’s also a large backyard which, although shared, is divided so we have our own part and our part is particularly huge. The backyard is magnificent and one of the things which drew us to this place. I love gardening, I always have. The women in my family have all been keen gardeners going back for generations. My main worry now is that I won’t have the time to keep it looking so good but I’m going to try. Here are a couple of pics of our new garden:IMG_2915


For the first time ever we’ve also got an ensuite. Luxury! The toilet seat in the ensuite does not stay up. It must have been designed by a woman. Ben is not very impressed and nor is Daniel.

Time to go and do some cleaning at the old place now.