Mediaeval battles at Drum Castle

We went to Drum Castle today. I have been itching to visit this castle again ever since our cycle ride from Banchory to Aberdeen via Drum Castle. It was so hot that day and we were so exhausted by the time we arrived at Drum Castle that I took one look at the tower with all its stairs and thought, “fuck that”. So this time we booked a Co-Wheels car and arrived feeling fresh and full of energy.

There was also a mediaeval event happening today which I thought the kids might enjoy and they absolutely loved it!


There were battle re-enactments which my blood-thirsty son found extremely entertaining. In fact, he found them more entertaining than I felt comfortable with.


The kids got to participate in a battle and I have never seen Daniel so enthralled by an activity that did not involve an electronic device.


I took this video of the battle:


The kids got to attack me too:


Then we climbed the tower and enjoyed the amazing views from the top.


Drum Castle has a chapel:


And a walled garden:


A woodland walk:


A pond:


A home for a tiny creature:


There’s also a children’s playground but our kids seem to have grown out of playgrounds. It was a great day. I love Aberdeenshire with its many castles, the ocean, the forests, and the mountains. It’s such a lovely part of the world with so many things to do. I think it will be a long time before we’ve exhausted the supply of adventures around here.

17 thoughts on “Mediaeval battles at Drum Castle”

  1. GOod to see Medieval Realm and Britannia XIV fighting. Children really do like the kiddies battles that people put on. Sometimes a bit too much.

    I hope you enjoyed the climb to the roof.

    1. The kids loved it so much! It was so funny to watch too but we were particularly pleased to see our son enjoying himself such a lot when usually he just wants to go to a cafe and eat or head back home to the iPad. It was quite by chance that I saw they would be there as I checked out the castle events page a week ago and saw it. I’ll have to try to go to another one.

      The climb up the tower was wonderful.

      1. Then when he’s older start him on western martial arts, so he can fight like real knights did.
        You get to wear armour and hit people with swords, it appeals to lots of people.

        (I don’t know how active they are now, but there certainly was an active Aberdeen group:

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure. Aberdeenshire does seem to offer a heap of interesting places to visit and things to do. What great timing for a visit! I love Elizabeth’s dress. Perfect for the day. 🙂

    1. We knew the event was going to be on and so I suggested to Elizabeth that she dress-up for it and she was only too happy to do so. Daniel wasn’t keen on dressing up so he went in his usual attire. The castles all have events going on at certain times over the summer. I should try to coincide our trips to castles with the events a bit better because some of them sound really good.

  3. Great fun, wonderful photos and so lovely to reminisce with you about all the days out I had with my children, we loved all things medieval 🙂 Adore Elizabeth’s dress, can I borrow it please? 🙂

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