Teenage boys and lacy knickers

Ben’s mum and partner left this morning which was sad as we all had a great time last week and enjoyed their visit very much. Elizabeth in particular was very upset and even a bit teary as they departed. Then Ben left for Cambridge so I decided to take the kids to the movies to lift their spirits. We hardly ever go to the cinema. I can’t even remember when I last took them but they really enjoy it and most children’s films are moderately entertaining for adults too. We saw Minions which was mildly amusing.

Before the movie I ducked into Next to get some new undies for myself. I got three pairs and took them to the counter where I was served by a teenage boy. He got a bit flustered and asked me twice whether I wanted a bag and both times I said, “No”. Then he put the undies in a bag anyway. I also said I didn’t want the hangers but this request seemed to drift over his head as he proceeded to give those to me as well. It was like watching a comedy scene from a movie and was probably more entertaining than Minions. Oh, the trauma of being a teenage boy and holding a pair of lacy knickers!

16 responses to “Teenage boys and lacy knickers”

  1. It wasn’t just the fact they were lacy knickers, Rachel—after all he’s in a shop full of them. it was the fact that he was having social intercourse with a woman who was about to wear them. 😉

  2. Having had 4 sisters and spending it seems half my life in Marks & Sparks, I guess I became quite relaxed being in that Dept., but I can appreciate the poor boy’s flusterrings. Of course, it is perhaps a tell tale that there are no photos attached to your post. Maybe we will all blush if you had! x

    1. Haha, no pics, sorry. But we’re just talking about Next here which isn’t exactly the grungy sex shop selling blush-inducing lingerie.

  3. P.S. your post titles certainly know how to grab a boy’s attention!!

    1. I’ll have to check my stats tomorrow to see whether the title generated more clicks than usual 🙂

  4. Poor lad. He probably didn’t take the hangers off because it would have taken longer to serve you!

    1. Maybe! I’m sure he’s coping 🙂

  5. No comment on lacy things 🙂

  6. LOL 🙂 Where are the pictures.

  7. I’m unable to buy my own knickers for the same reason!

      1. Having a very accepting girlfriend helps this issue! Knickers cause trauma for young men, even those who wear them.

  8. LOL! I wonder how many views this post will get Rachel with such a title! Poor lad…I bet he didn’t know where to look 😉

    1. It did get more views than usual.

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