Stromness to Aberdeen by ferry + train

My post yesterday about Skara Brae and the Ring of Brodgar was rather rushed because we had to dash for a long day of traveling. But both places were absolutely fascinating. Skara Brae was particularly good. How often do you get to see the house, including furniture, of a Neolithic human? All the walls were still intact. You could see their beds and their version of a pantry and fridge.

The Ring of Brodgar was also an amazing place. As I was walking around it and imagining what ceremonial or religious purpose it might have held for early humans, I couldn’t help thinking what a crock of shit all religions are. In 5000 years from now humans will look back on the religions we have today and wonder what we were thinking just as we do with Neolithic humans and their stone rings.

At breakfast yesterday I found myself feeling nauseated just thinking about the boat trip back to the mainland. This time we caught the ferry from Stromness – a very cute coastal port – to Scrabster on the mainland. It was only 1.5 hours on the ferry and the sea was calm. It was actually a very pleasant trip and as soon as we were out to sea my nausea completely vanished. Oh, the power of the mind. I spent most of the trip crocheting:


There was a play area on the ferry with dress-ups:



It was raining for most of the crossing but we could just make out the cliffs on the island of Hoy in Orkney:


Here’s Scrabster from the sea:


From Scrabster we went to Thurso which is where the train leaves from, had lunch and a walk around before catching the train all the way back to Aberdeen, a trip of about 7 hours.

The landscapes at the start of the journey were quite flat but still pretty. There were lots of green fields with sheeps, cows, and plantation pine. Then it got hillier and we passed beach, loch, and firth. Here are some pics from the train:






On the front page of the local paper for Inverness was this:


6 Replies to “Stromness to Aberdeen by ferry + train”

    1. It doesn’t look like an easy thing to climb at all! Better just to look at it from a boat 🙂

  1. Lovely and interesting pics Rachel. BTW do you think we should give up skirts to protect ourselves from groping men? Maybe those guys need to harden up ….oops …..

  2. Lacy Knickers and Groping Women? Whatever next? 😀 Glad your nausea went away…and such an adorable photo of Elizabeth. What a wonderful family time 🙂

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