Wapuu saves the day!

Here’s my photo for day two of the five-day blogging challenge:


Elizabeth was upset this afternoon because Daniel’s class went to the Satrosphere and he got a small toy. She was jealous because she didn’t get a toy. So to take her mind off it I decided to print out these cool colouring-in pages of Wapuu and Wapuunk which my co-worker shared on his blog last month. The effect was immediate: she went from crying uncontrollably to very proud of her efforts in the space of about 10 minutes. Yay for Wapuu and Wapuunk!

If you’re wondering what on earth is a  Wapuu, go to : http://wapuu.jp/about/

This of course means that Sandy, creator of child-soothing colouring-in pages, is now being nominated to take up the five-day challenge.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.
2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.
3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is fun, not a command performance!

I was nominated by Geoff Le Pard  at TanGental.

10 Replies to “Wapuu saves the day!”

  1. Yep, no doubt of the mum there; love the distraction technique – hope it still works in ten years!

    1. He is very cute. My kids asked me whether there’s a movie about him. Maybe there should be?

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