How many girlfriends does a boy need?

Daniel said to Ben the other night, “Did you have any girlfriends when you were at school?”. Here’s the ensuing conversation:

Me: Do you have a girlfriend, Daniel?
Daniel: Creeper says that’s none of your business.
Me: Is it Lucy [not her real name]?
Daniel: She’s one of them.


  1. A friend of mine was telling me that her 11 year old son had two girls wanting to go out with him and he wanted to know how to choose. She asked him what they did when they went out and found out they basically just hang out at school together, so she asked if he could be friends with both. Apparently, not. Not sure what the outcome was but I’m currently pleased my 11 year old son is interested in Minecraft xx Rowena

    1. Perhaps things are a bit more serious when they get to 11? I think Daniel just plays with a group of girls at playtime and that’s how they’ve decided he’s their boyfriend. Daniel is not very forthcoming with information though so it’s hard to say.

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