Daylight, UbbLE, and FIFA

It’s light when I fall asleep and light when I wake up now. The other night I woke up at 3:30am to use the bathroom and it was light! Sunrise is officially not until about 4:20am but the first light here is at about 3:15am. Surprisingly it hasn’t affected my sleep at all. I thought I would find it hard to sleep without pitch darkness but I haven’t had any trouble. Blackout curtains probably help even though they don’t block out all the light.

Yesterday I discovered a quiz you can take to calculate your five-year risk of dying – UbbLE. Some of the questions were surprising. There are only ten and none of them are questions about diet and exercise. The questions are also different for men and women. Apparently the best predictor of five-year mortality for men is how they rate their own health while for women it is a diagnosis of cancer. Walking pace is apparently a good predictor for both. The relationships are not causal; that is, the study does not claim that the variable was the cause of death, just that there is a correlation between the two.

The UbbLE quiz is only for 40-70 year olds and although I’m not quite 40 yet – a few more months to go still – I took it anyway. My UbbLE age is only 24 which means I have the same risk of dying in the next five years as a 24-year-old. Although quizzes like these don’t really mean very much on an individual level, I think they’re more accurate for the population as a whole.

I don’t care very much for soccer but I couldn’t help following the news of the FIFA corruption scandal recently. I despise dishonesty and corruption like this so I was pleased to hear that people are finally being called to account. How can we stop this kind of corruption? I think they need more women on these voting boards – not because women are not also susceptible to cheating and bribery, they are, but because more women means a better diversity of views and more diversity means more people challenging existing practices. I also think regular public oaths are useful, or at least, that’s what Dan Ariely says in his book, The Honest Truth About Dishonesty. Apparently people are less likely to cheat immediately after signing some kind of moral oath. I’m sure there are lots of other things they can do too but without knowing more about how FIFA operates, these are my only suggestions. Not that anyone from FIFA is listening or cares what I have to say 🙂

Here’s John Oliver’s take on it:

10 thoughts on “Daylight, UbbLE, and FIFA

  1. Welcome back! I’ve missed your interesting posts.

    Tried the uble quiz and have the risk of a person nine years younger. My five-year risk of dying is 1.5%. Good news! 🙂

    As for the FIFA stuff, I’m also following it with interest and incredulity. Just appalling that corruption on that scale can go on for so long. FIFA will really need to have a massive clean-out and find new people to sit on their various boards including their audit committee. What a massive hide Sepp Blatter has. Talk about delusional. Agree that female membership wouldn’t go astray. Diversity’s a good thing as you suggest.

    Will watch the John Oliver video later. I’ve gone over my monthly download allowance. Damn!

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know I was missed 🙂

      Good news about the 1.5% and being 9 years younger.

      I was pretty shocked with Sepp Blatter’s excuses when the scandal first broke out and doubly shocked when he didn’t resign immediately and then I nearly had a heart attack when he got voted in again!!! I’m glad he’s finally resigned now though and hope this is the start of cleaning things up.

  2. Ver interesting. I was intrigued by the Ubble questions (I’m really 43 and my Ubble is 37). I was a bit stymied by the cancer question. Does pre-cancer count as a yes or no? I counted it as a no since it was taken care of. Either way my odds of survival sound good to me 🙂

  3. I love the idea of having an UbbLE Age. What a great word. I am UbbLE 26, pretended I was 40, although I thought that the occasional social cigarette I have might have jinxed it for me.
    I have such a distaste for the whold of football because of all the corruption, which is quite unfair of me really. It really is disgusting.
    Your thoughts about more women and diversity reminds me of research that found that the less patriarchal a society, the less likely there was to be child abuse within it.

  4. FIFA scandal only reinforced the fact that games are basically a business to players and the sporting organizations, under the patriotic garb. They need money and fame. Only losers are people who spend their money and time to watch these games under “entertainment” or “patriotism” labels. I know this offends most people but it’s the truth. The very fact that it offends people is good for the people at the top.

    Realize people!

  5. I just did the Ubble survey, apparently I am 36- not bad, considering I will be 10 years older than that on Saturday…Perhaps the serious injury part might change after I attempt skiing on Friday at Mt Ruapehu lol!

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