Bikes vs cars

One of my blogging friends posted a great collection of photographs of cargo bikes in Amsterdam especially for me. There are some very cool cargo bikes there. I’m sure everyone is well aware of my love for cargo bikes and in particular, my very own Busby:


We’re about to head away for an adventure but I just wanted to share these photos and also to share the trailer for this film, Bikes Versus Cars:


  1. You all look very cool and that includes Busby! Love the video. I was in London two weeks ago and made photos of cyclists fighting for space against cars. I was in a red bus and could have a nice view of them. Quite shocking because it is really unsafe. I wouldn’t cycle there. Its like a jungle.
    Thanks for the shoutout.
    Have a nice ride.

  2. This one belongs in a yummy mummy article- this is not in anyway objectifying you or demeaning who you are- It shows how to get around economically, healthily for you, your family and the environment! Freewheeling rules!

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