The electric car and cycling

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the electric car and why I couldn’t start it on Saturday night. So yesterday I booked it just for an hour so that I could figure out how to use it. I unplugged the charging cable from both the car and the charging point first go and the car also started first go. All I did was press the start button while my foot was on the brake. That’s exactly what I did on Saturday and so I don’t know why it didn’t work then. I have a swipe card which unlocks the car and I have a suspicion that if I don’t use the car within a certain time after unlocking it that I need to swipe again. On Saturday I wasted about 10 minutes faffing around trying to unplug it and so maybe I needed to re-swipe? I’m not sure. In any case, I started the car first go and drove around the block. It’s very nice to drive and has a nice interior with a touch screen on the Dashboard with a map. Although I am partial to my Busby and will always prefer bicycles and trains to cars, cars are useful from time to time.

A friend sent me this funny article about test driving a petrol car – Test Drive of a Petrol Car.
After writing about my issues with the electric car I was thinking about how easy I find petrol cars to use, even though they’re not all that straight forward. Imagine stepping into a petrol car without ever having driven one before. There’s no way you could just figure out the clutch and gears or even how to start it without lessons. By comparison an electric car is pretty easy.

As much as I love cycling, it’s tough cycling in most cities. Bicycles are not welcome on the road or the footpath so there’s not really any place to cycle. I cycle on a mix of both and in some ways it’s more exhausting mentally than physically. I love it though and I know it’s good for me. When I cycle to get from one place to another as part of my daily routine, I don’t have to make a special effort to exercise that day. It just happens as a consequence of getting from A to B. People who don’t have this option need to make a special effort to exercise everyday and this is where we fail. It’s hard to persist with daily trips to the gym or regular runs when you have to make a special effort. If you live somewhere where you need to cycle to go to the shops or to schools or to work then you get exercise for free.