An exercise plan

After school yesterday Elizabeth decided to do some exercise. It was her own idea and although I’m a big advocate of exercise myself, I never pressure my kids to do it. However whenever they ask me why I’m exercising I will usually say something like, “because it keeps me fit and healthy and I’ll live for longer”. Elizabeth parroted these reasons when she was doing her exercise so she must be absorbing at least some of the things I say and she even drew up an exercise plan (again all her own initiative). Here it is:


It says:

Sturjyumps 10
Runing 10
Froing toys 10
Hoping 10


Starjumps 10
Running 10
Throwing toys 10
Hopping 10

I asked her about the throwing toys. Is that exercise? She replied that I had said it was, then added a bit indignantly, “I asked you and you said it was exercise!”. Ooops. I’m a bad parent. You know those times when you’re concentrating on something and your kids ask you a question but you’re not really listening and just say, “Yes, yes”? After school I’m still at work and so I’m working while they’re at home. They sometimes come and ask me things while I’m busy and concentrating on something and this was one of those times. Just as well we don’t own a car otherwise I might have inadvertently replied with “Yes, yes you can take the keys to the car and go for a drive”.