Brig o’ Balgownie

Bridges are very clever things. Spanning rivers and harbours they hold a lot a weight and somehow manage, most of the time anyway, not to fall into the water. Aberdeen has some very old bridges including one of the oldest in Scotland, a medieval bridge over the River Don called the Brig o’ Balgownie.

It was built in the 12th Century according to Wikipedia and is thought to have been the work of Scottish architect, Richard Cementarius. There is some dispute over who commissioned the bridge but credit has been given to both Robert the Bruce and Bishop Cheyne.

It’s a lovely old stone bridge with a single arch and is open to pedestrians and cyclists only. We cycled all the way over to it, which, although it wasn’t far, was quite exhausting because there were a few hills. Busby does not really do hills. I can manage them as long as they’re not too steep but there was one hill that I had to get off and push the bike up. I can’t stand and pedal on Busby as my knees hit the wooden box at the front. Ben actually ended up pushing Busby up the hill for me. There were also quite a few roads with cobblestones and these are not so great for cycling.

This next photo was taken in Seaton Park, which is right beside the River Don, and quite lovely and enormous.


Here’s the bridge:




I really am impressed that humans managed to build things like this so long ago. It’s a magnificent bridge that will hopefully be around for many more centuries yet.


What do you think of this dress? I got it at the charity shop yesterday and I’m not sure whether I like it. The cardigan I made myself.


There were some lovely little stone cottages nearby:

I don’t think the kids enjoyed it very much. As we were nearing the bridge I began explaining the historical significance of it to Daniel and his response was, “Where is the cafe?”.