A robin redbreast and more of Elizabeth’s writing

I was out in the garden today and this little robin redbreast came and said hello. Isn’t he cute?


There are a quite a few birds around. They, and the sunlight, wake us up at 5:30am ๐Ÿ™‚ The little robin was interested in what I was doing because my digging was revealing tasty morsels to eat.

Elizabeth got a bird house for Christmas which she painted and which we decided to put out in the backyard for a potential Mr and Mrs Bird. My husband, clever though he is, is not very good at handy man things. Here’s what he did with it:


Perhaps wisely, no bird has taken up lodging there yet. This afternoon the fellow who lives down stairs, aka my second husband, screwed it to the tree. See how useful it is to have a sharedย backyard? Maybe now one of our local birds will give the house a try.

Elizabeth wrote a card for her teacher which I thought I’dย share:


Elizabeth wrote: Deeyir Miss Smith. I luv yoo it the bac of yor card ther is sum maths. Luv from Elizabeth.

Translation: Dear Miss Smith. I love you. On the back of your card there is some maths. Love from Elizabeth.