Feeling sorry for myself and more writing from Elizabeth

After I posted my last post I looked at the image of myself and thought I looked ill in it. I didn’t think anything of it until later that night when I woke up feeling very ill and then spent much of the night in the bathroom. I picked up a stomach bug in Pitlochry and didn’t eat anything for 24 hours. I’ve probably lost a few kilos although I’m not sure as we don’t have any scales.

I’m feeling much better today and the nausea has gone so I’m eating again which is good. I still feel a bit fragile but pleased that this was just a 24-hour thing. I feel sorry for those poor souls who die of ebola. What an awful way to die.

The last time I had a tummy bug was when Daniel was a baby and Ben had gone to Germany for two weeks for a mathematics conference. It was dreadful. Daniel was still waking up through the night and so I was dashing from baby to toilet bowl for much of the time. Being sick is bad enough but being sick and having small children to look after is way worse. This time was much better by comparison. Hopefully I’m now resistant to this round of bugs and it will be another good while before it happens again. I guess it becomes less likely as the children get older too.

I’ve just finished reading James and the Giant Peach to Elizabeth. She was very taken with the story and has starting writing a book about it. Here’s the front page and the first page:


She has written: Gyayms and th jyiint peech = James and the giant peach


Elizabeth wrote: Wunts ther was a boy naymd jyayms he had tharee ugle granees naymd aurnt spunj an aurnt spic

Translation: Once there was a boy named James. He had very ugly grannies named aunt Sponge and aunt Spiker.

30 responses to “Feeling sorry for myself and more writing from Elizabeth”

  1. That’s a great book. Have read it aloud to my classes.
    Yes, the thought of people suffering and dying without any hope of help or recovery is so sad. Many of us just take for granted that we will have access to care.

  2. Bugs do seem to be lasting longer outside the body. Hence getting our local communal door handles/lift buttons cleansed seems to have made a difference. Wash hands before meals has become more important, then negotiate a public convenience door handle with some paper towel.
    Living in a society has it’s problems.

    Glad your feeling better and the paintings are fun. 🙂

    • Thanks, Graham. It’s always nice feeling well again after a period of illness and it’s good to appreciate our good health and to take care of it. I hope I don’t take it for granted.

      I have to say that we’re not in the habit of washing hands before meals. This is probably particularly a problem when you’re away from home and eating at restaurants which is what we were doing the past few days.

  3. Sorry to hear of your tummy bug. I hate vomiting the most of all the illnesses. Usually it is self limiting and over in 24 hours like yours was. But you feel very fragile afterwards!
    And I sympathise with having kids to look after when sick. Once I had flu and a very high temp. I lay on the settee feeling lousy while my 2 girls aged 1 and 3 played on the floor. No-one else to look after them.
    I really love Elizabeth’s book. And I could understand most of what she had written 🙂 I like the ‘ay’ for ‘a’ followed by an ‘e’. 🙂

    • Two children under 5 when you’re sick must have been very tough. So many parents have very little, none in fact, help from extended family members since we often don’t live near our family. I have never lived in the same city as any family members since becoming a parent. I’m always so jealous of people who have grandparents nearby and how they can go out whenever they want and leave their kids with the grandparents.

      • I totally agree! I was quite jealous of a friend when she got flu. Her mum-in-law came round and looked after the kids! Like you, I’ve never had family even remotely close. I do rely on one or two good friends, and we played ‘granny’ for each other. You gotta have some sort of back up system in lieu of family. 🙂

  4. Tummy bugs are just awful to deal with. Glad you’re on the mend. I wonder if Elizabeth will continue with her interest in writing. Her spelling is great. Very creative! 🙂

    • Thank you! I hope Elizabeth will continue her interest in writing. I’m certainly not going to discourage her. She wrote quite a few more pages of the book but I just posted those two.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. I wondered about that picture. I wasn’t sure why you looked different. Thought perhaps it was the hair.

    I have only been sick that like once. I was backpacking alone in Equator and purged from both ends throughout the night. All night. The next morning I hopped onto a bus headed to the nearest major city, thinking I might need medical attention but, by the time I arrived several hours later, I craved a milkshake.

    • Yes, still tired, but much better. It’s good these things don’t usually last very long. I’m glad to hear you got over yours fairly quickly. You really need to keep your fluids up which can be hard when you feel nauseous.

  6. Poor you; good to see Elizabeth is correcting English spelling at last into something sensible. You may not have seen this by a fellow Aussi but Elizabeth is on the right track and I’m sure Norah would agree.

  7. I’m pleased your illness was only short lived.
    Thanks for sharing this writing of Elizabeth. It is gorgeous! I love reading children’s invented spellings. It gives me a lot of pleasure. It demonstrates their confidence, their willingness to have a go, and their developing knowledge of the relationship between the spoken and written word. i am also delighted to see that Elizabeth is reaching a wider audience with her writing, and that there is not a red pen in sight! 🙂

  8. Adorable art by Elizabeth. Do you also archive kids photos and drawings any where else?

    I click my son’s photos and drawings on iPhone and upload to Flickr at the moment, after maxing out two or so Dropbox accounts.

    I am impressed with your openness on your blog. Hope you are well now.

    • No, I don’t put the photos anywhere else. I do get some printed out for photo albums and they’re backed up in the time capsule but that’s all. I do have a flickr account though and probably should upload there too as I’d hate to lose any of my pics.

  9. The boys love to write books too. Elizabeth is very good, at that age I had to write the stories for them as they dictated.
    They have plans to write some today, in fact. Should be funny. 🙂

    • Yes, Daniel also would not have been able to do this when he was her age. I think he’d even struggle today. He would never do it just for fun as Elizabeth does.

      Have fun reading the stories today 🙂

  10. Glad you’re feeling better Rachel. Hubby had something like this a couple of weeks ago, never known him so sick 😦 Love Elizabeth’s picture and words 🙂

    • Yes, I’m feeling much better. Glad to hear your hubby got over his too. At least he can relax knowing that he’s now resistant, at least for a few years.

    • Thank you! We treasure her drawings and writing but there are fewer and fewer spelling mistakes in them these days. The early ones like this one are classics.

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